Oliver Richner grew up in a small idyllic town in northern Italy. His interest in business started at an early age both from reading his parents subscription to The Economist (which he reads to this day) and more importantly, by helping his father run the family business. He solidified his interests in business and finance through studies, eventually earning an MBA from University of California, Berkeley. His love for investing was ignited by discovering Warren Buffett’s approach to investing and further studying Charlie Munger, Seth Klarman, Phil Fisher and many more. With this foundational knowledge Oliver joined a hedge fund based in San Francisco honing his investment skills. He subsequently launched Richner Capital and has now been in the investment management business for over a dozen years.

Oliver is drawn to the intellectual puzzle of successful investing which includes continuous learning, the excitement of a treasure hunt, copious amounts of patience (and inactivity) and the ability to step outside oneself.